Voices for BioJustice produces accessible materials for communities, researchers, companies, governments and others working to develop effective strategies, policies and laws. The objective is to create the conditions necessary to realise the value of biodiversity and generate benefits for local groups. Policy briefs include those developed from case studies, theme-based briefs, and synthesis briefs on lessons learned around the world. Illustrations, infographics, and other visual aids are used to convey complex information in simple and accessible ways.

Side events and workshops presenting findings are held at key national and international meetings to encourage uptake of the findings and recommendations. Capacity and awareness regarding the Convention on Biological Diversity (ABS) and related policy processes are raised at the local level through the production of policy briefs and supporting workshops.


Dibe Sesane and her child eating tsama melons, Molapo, Botswana

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Voices for BioJustice in partnership with People and Plants International and the University of Cape Town, supported by GIZ and BMZ, produced the report Connecting The Dots… Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Use And Access And Benefit Sharing.

The research supporting this report included interviews with 85 individuals from governments, research institutions, NGOs and the private sector, in the four BioInnovation Africa countries of Cameroon, Madagascar, Namibia and South Africa, and also globally.

An accompanying video can be found here.

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The Executive Summary is available in English and French.