Scope and ABS: An Overview
Rachel Wynberg

Department of Environmental and Geographical Science. University of Cape Town, South Africa. The expansion of scope, benefit sharing, traditional knowledge, and the case of rooibos and South Africa.

Manuel Ruiz Muller

Peruvian Society of Environmental Law, Peru. Historical dimensions of ABS and scope, expansion of scope, and tangible and informational dimensions.

Timothy Hodges

Institute for the Study of International Development McGill University, Canada. ABS and scope: the tale of legal drafting wagging the policy dog?

Mphatso Kalemba

National ABS Focal Point for the Convention on Biological Diversity, Malawi. Questions on ABS and Scope in Malawi.

Karen Nott

Technical Advisor. Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation, Namibia. Does expansion of ABS to cover biotrade add to existing institutions and laws?

Dave Cole

Natural products consultant, Namibia. ABS and Biotrade: Confusion and challenges for communities.

Steve Carr

Senior Forester. National Botanical Institute. Ministry Of Agriculture, Namibia. Blurring between biotrade and bioprospecting: how to make the distinction.

Michel Mallet

Director. Centre for Research Information Action in Africa – Southern Africa Development and Consulting, Namibia. Ensuring ABS does not burden long-established biotrade with new bureaucratic requirements.

Eben Tjiteere

Coordinator. Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation, Namibia. What activities and research falls under ABS?

Henry M. Ndengejeho

Project Coordinator. Biodiversity Management And Climate Change. Ministry Of Environment And Tourism, Namibia. Incorporation of DSI into ABS

Juan Torres

Professor. Universidad Agraria La Molina, Peru. Inclusion of TK in international law an important step in recognition of rights.

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